Steven Guilbeault
Hon. Steven Guilbeault
Member of Parliament for Laurier—Sainte-Marie
Citizenship and Immigration

The federal government is responsible for citizenship and immigration matters. The Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship processes refugee applications, work visas, and citizenship applications.

We can help you get the information you need to process an application from CIC.

Our office can help you with federal immigration matters, for example:

You can also check the status of your application online using the CIC website; or by contacting an agent using this toll-free number: 1-888-242-2100.

Our office staff will do everything in their power to help you.


In order for the office to assist you, please see the sections below :


1. Who is your MP?

Confirm that you live in the riding of Laurier- Sainte-Marie by typing your postal code in the box at the top right corner of the webpage located at this link:

If Steven Guilbeault is your MP, proceed to point 2.

2. IRCC Consent Form

Fill in boxes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 and sign the IRCC Consent Form.

You need to be 18 years or older to sign the consent form; otherwise, you need an adult to consent on your behalf.

3. Helping an Adult (Please read both points, there are two separate required forms)

4. Helping your Child

5. Immigration Refugee Board of Canada

Only if your immigration file is before the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB), and you wish to obtain a status update, please fill in the MP Authorization Form.

6. How to Submit Form(s) 

Once completed, all relevant forms may be sent:

If you are unable to download the documents, please call the office and we can mail you the forms and a pre-addressed, stamped envelope.

Please call our office at 514‑522‑1339 if you have any questions.


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